London in Paris

Christopher London embraces himself showing self love and admiration. French beret and monochrome tones set a romanic but mysterious vibe.

Il n’y a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, c’est d’aimer et d’être aimé. – George Sand

More Red Please

Red background sets the tone for something sexy. Red hair amplifies. Red lips intensifies. Subtle but seductive. Photos by ShotBySed.

There is a shade of red for every woman. – Audrey Hepburn

Rose Gold Tones

Whitney, a woman of many looks, embraces her rose golden skin. Indulging in her love of this marvelous metal with a feminine appeal. Photos by Rious.

Gentleman’s Still Exist

In an era where chivalry is considered dead, a true gentleman is hard to find. Derrick embraces his boyish like charm to inspire more men to lead with love and respect Photos by Maurice.

Suit Me

Blouse who? Blazer what? I do my own thing and what I want. Suits can be sexy you see. Just have to style it a particular way. Photos by ShotBySed.

Good Boy Goes Bad

A good guy playing a bad boy or vice versa? Either way we are truly captivated by London’s masculine features. Simple but not plain.